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E-commerce is the online activity of buying or selling of products through websites over the Internet. Today all ecommerce websites should be secure and the domain (website address) will always have HTTPS:// at the start which shows you it is secure and often standard websites are now also begining to be secure too. 

The ecommerce websites with other through a third party parnter platform will allow you to create new products live and also manage your shop online. You will be able to change any product information, images, prices including vat with stock control options and sold out or sales functions plus more.

An ecommerce website with us can start from as little as £45 per month for less than 50 products (templated) with optitions to upgrade when you wish to add more products or want more functions.  

To find out more or get started contact us here or tel: 0797 969 5757.

Quick glance at Ecommerce:

  • Shopping cart
  • Stock management
  • Secure shopping
  • Order notifications
  • Order failed notifications
  • Mobile repsonsive
  • Shop search bar
  • Customer login


Website Design

Mobile responsive websites for your business including hosting and more.

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SEO - Search Engines

Making your website found on the first page of Google is what we do. 

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Digital Marketing

Spread the words of your business with our creative digital graphics.

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CDCS - For Everyone

Special computer service for the older person that wants to be online.

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