We're proud to have teamed up with local company DVI Solutions offering more business owners of all sizes the most practical and cost effective package for your business phone line, calls and broadband needs, whether you're a one man band or have a number of employees across various sites. DVI Solutions could that small business owners were not being treated fairly, just because they weren't spending as much as the bigger businesses on their utilities, providers were charging them more for the supposedly fixed costs. We'll beat any quote that you have!

Whether you're a one man band or have a number of employees across various sites, we pride ourselves on being able to find you the most practical and cost effective package for phone lines, calls, broadband, mobiles, energy and water rates. Why not let us quote against your current provider so that you can see for yourself the savings available?

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Start saving your business money today!

Get better service from a local company.

If your business closes your contract does too!

With DVI Soultions it's very simple.

Guess who's supplies us? DVI of course! 

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Website Design

Mobile responsive websites for your business including hosting and more.

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SEO - Search Engines

Making your website found on the first page of Google is what we do. 

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Digital Marketing

Spread the words of your business with our creative digital graphics.

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Home Digital Services

Your home computer service for anyone that needs help with anything online.

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Website Forms

We create a wide range of digital forms including those for websites.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is your way to connect with your customers.

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Ecommerce Website

Your route to selling online with ecommerce website for your business.

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Digital Presence

Spares in stock include Door Seals, Pumps, Heaters, Carbon Brushes, Bearings, etc.

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